Concession Stand Guidelines

Concession Stand Guidelines for 2018 Season

The success of the Concession Stand is critical to the league.  Therefore it is important that we get the full cooperation of all of the parents of the girls that participate in the Ponytails.

  • One parent/guardian/authorized representative of each girl playing in the L/D Ponytails is required to work (1) one shift (approximately 2 hours) at the Concession Stand during the season. 
  • If a family has more than one girl playing in the league, they only need to work 1 shift.  Your $75 Concession Stand Deposit check will be returned after completing your scheduled shift.
  • You can elect not to work at the Concession Stand by paying a $50 'buy-out' fee at the time of registration.
  • If during the season, your shift is canceled, FOR ANY REASON will be YOUR responsibility to reschedule for a different date / shift.  In order to do this you must either email the Concession Stand staff or visit the Concession Stand during normal operating times.
  • If you choose not to fulfill your obligation at the Concession Stand and/or do not show up to work your scheduled shift, you will forfeit the $75 Concession Stand deposit check which was collected at registration.
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