Report Your Results

Good game!  Why not let the whole town know about it?  Click here to submit game highlights to the Lancaster/Depew Bee.  We ask you to follow a few guidelines when submitting:

  • Verify that the players you are mentioning in the story or may be included in any pictures have agreed to the publicity release.  We respect the privacy of our families.
  • Only submit one report per game.  The Home team will be responsible unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • Include both teams in the story as well as the sponsors-they are just as important as the players!

Here's a sample of a game story:

Suzy Smith and Janey Jones both hit to the outfield to help with the victory for Grasso's Pizza.  Mary Meyer caught 2 fly balls and Katie Cook made a nice play at second base for Frosty's Ice Cream.  

If you have any questions, please ask!

Lancaster/Depew Bee game report