Report Your Results

 To all coaches:

As the season approaches and softball is finally here, I'd like to ask you to give our league, our sponsors and our girls a little publicity in the Lancaster/Depew Bee.  I ask that the coach for the Home Team, go to the Lancaster or Depew Bee website and fill out a simple form reporting the score of your game.  Be sure to mention the team sponsors as part of the team names.  In addition, mention a couple girls' names from each team in the game story section.  A link to the Bee has been added to the website that is accessible after you provide your secure login.  The link is also attached below.  There is also a place to upload a photo if you choose to do so.

Here's a little sample of a game story.

Suzy Smith and Janey Jones both hit to the outfield to help with the victory for Grasso's Pizza.  Mary Meyer caught 2 fly balls and Katie Cook made a nice play at second base for Frosty's Ice Cream.